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  • It increases oxygen supply to blood circulation
  • Increasing self production
  • Removes the Toxin
  • Increases the humanity power & WBC level
  • It revives cell tissues by increasing oxygen supply to body oxygen
  • Relieves fatigue
  • Cleanses blood
  • Serves as a brain tonic
  • Stabilizes the nervous system
  • Stabilizes blood pressure
  • Stabilizes electrical function in the body.
  • It eliminates water soluble toxins.
  • Normal respiratory health.
  • Supports normal blood pressure.
  • Healthy C_reactive protein levels.
  • Healthy response to inflammation.
  • Free pulmonary fibrosis
  • Supports Respiratory and sinus system
  • Muscle, joint and tissues health.
  • Normal respiratary health.
  • Supports normal blood pressure.
  • Healthy C_reactive protein levels.
  • Healthy response to inflamation.
  • Muscle, joint and tissuse health.
Ganoderma – the miraculous king of herbs has got the highest ranking in the world of fungi.  It is an exceptional mushroom with remarkable medicinal properties. Botanically it is a highly evolved genus belonging to the family of fungi called Polyporaceae. It has been immortalized throughout Chinese history and culture for more than 2000 years, in paintings, statues, silk tapestries and on the robes of emperors.
The various species of Ganoderma contain more than 200 active elements having specific medicinal properties. Extensive international modern research of Ganoderma is constantly bringing to light evidences of its ability to promote overall health and longevity, both in diseased and normal conditions.
To state briefly, Ganoderma strengthens the natural healing processes, scans the body, neutralizes the free radicals, detoxifies toxins and metabolic  wastes, enhances the oxygen supply to the various organs in the body, normalizes body functions and eliminates body disorder.  It is one of the best known adaptogen. i.e.,
  • No side effects even on prolonged use
  • Overall normalization of body function.
Health Benefits:
Ganoderma contains adesnosine, alkaloids, coumarin, ergosterols, ganoderic essence, lactones, mannitol, nucleotide, organic germanium, polysaccharides, protein, triterpenoids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, minerals which are all known for health benefits.


Ganoderma is a food supplement that has used worldwide for almost 5000 years. There are a number of articles and press reports on Ganoderma by various experts on the internet. We request our to go through them by going to any search engine (google, lycos etc,) and typing keywords like “Ganoderma + cancer”, “Ganoderma + Press reports”, “Ganoderma + aids”,etc., there is a vast amount of information on the net regarding the efficacy and use of Ganoderma.
Lingzhi 2 - IN – 1 is an excellent anti-oxidant that enhances performance effectively, improve one’s memory and the energy levels for both mental and physical activities. Lingzhi 2 - IN – 1 contains Ganoderma extract – the “spiritual essence” that strengthens the body’s defense mechanisms.
The ingredients are easily
dissolved to produce a very strong aroma of excellent coffee. One cup of Lingzhi 2 - IN – 1 freshen your mood.
Lingzhi 3 - IN – 1 beverage is specially blended with coffee beans of the finest quality and Ganoderma extract with no artificial coloring and preservatives.
Working pressure and hectic lifestyle nowadays make people feel stressful easily. Lingzhi 3 - IN – 1 is sure to be your everyday coffee break beverage.
The convenient pack of Lingzhi beverage enables you to enjoy the unique flavor at any time and any place you like.
Take a moment and relax with a cup of this unique tasting Lingzhi 3 - IN – 1.
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